Main past concerts


Solist at the Christmas concert from Choir Ste-Croix, in Sierre. Direction: Barbara Mabillard. Works by Britten, Scarlatti...


Recital at the temple La Sarraz, with the pianist Guillaume Moix. Works by Poulenc, Fauré, Ravel and Berlioz


Solist in the abbey in St-Maurice, for 100th of the mixed Choir St-Maurice, in the word Gallia by Fauré. Direction: Renata Côte-Szopny. Participation of several other choirs, notably the vocal ensemble of St Maurice (conducted by Charles Barbier)


Intervention in the Festival Flatus in Sion (organized by Anne Casularo Kirchmeier), with the organist Andrea Coen


Recital in La Vidondée Riddes, with the guitarist and composer Mathieu Constantin


Recital for the festival Art et Musique Sierre, with the guitarist and composer Mathieu Constantin. Works by Farkas, Schubert, Cordero, Villa Lobos and creations by Mathieu Constantin


Soprano solo in the Missa si Deus pro Nobis a 16 voices by Orazio Benevoli, concerts in che Church Ernen and Ste Catherine, for the festival Art et Musique Sierre. Direction : Norbert Carlen


Recital in the chapel in Veyras, organized by the Museum Olsommer, with the guitarist and composer Mathieu Constantin. Works by Farkas, Schubert, Cordero, Villa Lobos, Dowland and creations by Mathieu Constantin (as première)


Recital of french melodies, for the festival " Schubertiade ", in the hall de Wolff in Sitten, with the pianist Guillaume Moix. Melodies by Ravel, Fauré, Berlioz and Poulenc


Concert with the Schönberg Choir Vienna in Pöllau, direction by Erwin Ortner. Soprano 2 solo in the Creation "Somnium: Reise nach Levania" by Flora Marlene Geisselbrecht, performed as Premiere


Concert from the Festival Flatus, in Muraz, under the musical direction of Anne Kirchmeier Casularo. Works by Telemann and Monteverdi


Solo parts of Mozart's Requiem in the Auditorium Stravinsky Montreux, under the musical direction of Hansruedi Kämpfen, Johanna Hernandez, Beat Fritschi, Lukas Bolt, Céline Grandjean, Olivier Piquet, Alexandre Pican and Romain Mayor. Organisation: Montreux Choral Festival


Solist in two concerts in the Basilica in St-Maurice and in Châteauneuf Conthey. Creations composed by Mathieu Constantin (direction), Thomas Kienz and Véronique Dubuis


Concert in the Château Mercier (Sierre) with the guitarist Mathieu Constantin. Works by Dowland, De Falla, Garcia Lorca, Farkas and Mathieu Constantin, among other things "L'Apparition": Text by Corinna Bille


Several performances in the Château Mercier with the guitarist Mathieu Constantin. Musical participation in the theater play «L’Amour médecin» by Molière. Direction by Anne Salamin


Concert in the Théâtre les Halles in Sierre, with the pianist Nicolas Jacquier. Works by Puccini, Mozart, Satie, Duparc...


Concert in the church in Muraz, from the Festival Flatus, with the guitarist Mathieu Constantin. Works by Dowland, De Falla, Garcia Lorca, Farkas and Mathieu Constantin, among other things "L'Apparition": Text by Corinna Bille


Concerts organized by the platform "Dans l’ salon"


Streaming concert with the "Espace Interculturel" in Sierre. Works by Mozart, Dvoràk, Strauss, Purcell, Gounod..


Musical intervention at the evening "Reading" organized by the Compagnie Opale, in Sierre (Castel Mercier)


Concerts organized by the platform "Dans l’ jardin"


Short Concert in a private "Salon" with the great pianist Martin Ivanov, Vienna


Concert organized by Art-Fabric, with the very famous trumpet player Yasek Manzano and the talented organist Luca Antoniotti. Works by Scarlatti, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Händel…


Wedding celebration in Montana, with famous guests


Concert with the Oberwalliservocalensemble and the Brass Band "Ancienne Cécilia", direction: Hansruedi Kämpfen and Arsène Duc


Concert in front of the Hôtel de Ville, Sierre, for the "Noël sans frontières"


Recital in the «Espace François de Salles» in Geneva, with the pianist Sophie Lenoir Marteau. Works by Puccini, Mozart, Pergolesi, Poulenc and Ravel


Concert in Leukerbad (for the chess festival) with the gitarist Ruben Mattia Santoretti. Works by Farkas, Villa Lobos and others


Soprano 2, Dixit Dominus by Händel, direction: Hansruedi Kämpfen, Brig


Concert organized by Alexander Günsberg and Alexander Pavlenko in the «Fondation de Wolff» with the gitarist Francesco Mari. Works by Giuliani, Farkas and others


Concert for the Festival «Art et Musique» with the clarinettist Lionel Andrey and the pianist Flore Merlin. Works by Schönberg, Mahler, Schubert and others


Solist in the Requiem by Mozart in Düsseldorf, Germany


Concert in the Church Jésuites with guitar, Festival Flatus


Concert of contemporary music with words by Rosalba Quindici, Maurice Donnet-Monay... in Bern, from the Festival of Contemporary Musik


Jury member and participation in the Gala concert at the Festival Musica del Mar, Spain


Musical evening with the pianist Guillaume Moix in the Château Mercier, private event organised by the Bank UBS Bank


Concert with the clavichordin Tena Novosel, works by Monteverdi, Strozzi, Telemann, Händel und Purcell


Concert as a soprano in the creation by Maurice Donnet-Monay: Eclosion


Intervention in the French Embassy of Budapest (Haydn, Schöpfung)


Recital with the pianist Guillaume Moix, Hôtel de Ville, Sierre


Concert in Sion for the "patrimoine musical valaisan" for the 150th birthday anniversary of Charles Haenni (Festival Flatus): Extracts from his operas. One of these operas has been recently rediscovered


Abbaye de St-Maurice (Wallis, Switzerland): "Petite messe solennelle" by Rossini, conducted by Ruth Soland


Musical evening by the Embassy of France in Vienna with the pianist Gregor Hanke


Programm with early music, singing and harpsichord in Ferdinandihof / Vienna (Valérie Beney and Dmitry Bondarenko), words by Händel, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Monteverdi


Recital in Vienna, singing and piano. Works by Lehàr, Offenbach, Satir, Mozart, Puccini...


Concert with singing and guitare in the Temple Protestant, for the Espace Interculturel, Sierre (Valérie Beney and Francesco Mari). Works by Giuliani, Ferenc Farkas, De Falla, Villa-Lobos, Fauré


Recital in Vienna with the pianist and composer Gregor Hanke. Works by Händel, Mozart, Puccini, Schubert, Fauré, Mendelssohn...


Recital in the French Embassy in Vienna. Works by Mozart, Monteverdi, Puccini...


"Brahms Requiem" and "Du fond de l'abîme" by Lili Boulanger. Direction: Ruth Soland and Bence Sàndor in the Tonhalle Zürich


Recital voice-piano with the pianist Guillaume Moix, Festival "Musique et Cîme" in Trient (Wallis). Works by Mozart, Ravel, Poulenc, Gounod...


Concert from the Festival Flatus, with the guitarist Domenico Ascione and the flutist and musicologist Enrico Casularo. Rare works of ancient music.


First world representation of the « Messe valaisanne franco-provençale » composed by Gérard Dayer. Direction : Mathieu Constantin. Chamber orchestra of Valais. Soloists: Valérie Beney, Valérie Blanchard, Stéphane Abbet, Frédéric Moix. Cathedral Sion (Valais, CH)


Christmas concerts with the Oberwalliserensemble Brig. Direction: Hansruedi Kämpfen, Samuel Emery. Filmed by Canal 9


Recital vocals-piano at La Vidondée in Riddes (Valais) with pianist Guillaume Moix, as part of the exhibition of art by Geneviève Beney. Works by Poulenc, Fauré, Debussy, Gounod, Lehàr, Mozart, Dvořák…


Concerts in Siders and Sitten. Works: “Magnificat” by Vivaldi, “Alles was ihr tut” by Buxtehude and “Messe in G Dur” by Schubert. Direction: Norbert Carlen


Concert tour in Schaffhausen and Zurich. Works: “Requiem” by Brahms and “Du fond de l’abîme” by Lili Boulanger. Direction: Ruth Soland and Bence Sàndor


Role of Pamina in Zauberflöte by Mozart in the Stadthofsaal Uster (ZH). Director: Salvatore Cicero


Participation in the world premiere of the opera Angelus Novus II by Helmut Oehring under the musical direction of Lennart Dohms, a project of the Bern University of the Arts. The second soprano was specifically composed for Beney. Other contributors were Graziella Contratto, Christian Hilz, Matthias Bauer, David Moss and Kai Wessel.


Recital as part of the Festival “Art et Musique” Siders, with pianist Lauriane Follonier and baritone Stéphane Karlen


Role of Françoise in the operetta “Un Carnaval à Savièze” by Charles Haenni (Production: Alexia Imhof Coutaz, musical direction: Anne Kirchmeier Casularo) at the Theater Les Baladins in Savièse


Concert in the context of the 30-year anniversary of the Chœur des Collèges and the Orchestre du Conservatoire Sitten. Works: “Le Roi David” by Honegger. Direction: Richard Métrailler and Bernard Héritier


Project: Staged world premiere “Ich, Sibylle” by Ulrich Gasser in Bern, Neufeld, as singer and recordist


Concerts at the Kulturcasino Bern (Burgerratssaal) with pianist Tanja Biderman. Aria from Rusalka and song “Mondnacht” by Schumann


Concerts in Assens, Montana (in the context of the Festivals “Crans Montana Classics” and Sitten (“9ème Festival d’Art Sacré”. Works: “Te Deum” by Swìder and “A Ceremony of Carols” by Britten. Direction: Norbert Carlen


Staged project “Émotions”at the Theater La Poste in Visp. Aria from Carmen and La Bohème


Concert organised by pianist Patricia Pagny with works by Poulenc. Valérie Beney and pianist Tomomi Hori interpreted the cycle “Les Banalités”


Role in the opera Européra by John Cage (second production in Switzerland) under the dramatic and musical direction of Pierre Sublet, Hans-Peter Blochwitz and Françoise Rivalland, Bern University of the Arts


Class project: Air de Thulé and Air des bijoux by Marguerite (Faust) and Aria of Mi, Liù and Musetta, under Brigitte Wohlfarth's dramatic and musical direction


Concerts in Raron and Siders. Works by Delalande and Schütz. Direction: Norbert Carlen


Project “Märchen” at the Swiss Opera Studio Biel (staged by Stefan Saborowski). Aria from Snégourotchka (Rimski Korsakov) and Cinderella (Maxwell Davies)


Project “Opernskizzen” at the Swiss Opera Studio Biel (staged by Mathias Behrends)


Participation in the "FestiVal d'Anniviers" as a young talent: Lieder by Schubert, accompanied by Stéphane De May ans solistique part directed by Pascal Crittin, with the Ensemble Vocal de St Maurice


Staged project in the context of the opening of the new buildings of the Swiss Opera Studio Biel (Aria of Despina, staged by Mathias Behrends)


Various concerts under the direction of Pascal Mayer and Lukas Wanner in Basel, St. Gallen, Luzern, Grolley, Fribourg and Payerne. Works by Schubert, Jensen, Schumann, Schütz…


Staged opera Faust Satelliten by Henri Pousseur, at the Lucerne Theater (Südpol), solo-narration and vocals in a small ensemble


Operetta project: “Europérette”. Valérie Beney interpreted the Duo de l’Electricité (by Edmond Audran) in France (Saint-Vallerin), in the foyer of the Lucerne Theater and at the Theater Burgdorf (Bern)


2010 onward: Various recitals accompanied by piano (Lauriane Follonier, Guillaume Moix, Nicolas Jacquier, Tomomi Hori), guitar (Mathieu Constantin, Francesco Mari), violin-cello (Domitille, Timothée Coppey), flute (Sandrine Olivier) and harp (Lindsay Buffington)